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Wow I just love the stories I love sex I’m a crossdresser and I’m dressed up now fully as a sexy woman in my black pvc mini dress red and black silk and

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Title: Silver Screen Express Ch. 6. Author: Cadeauxxx. Celebs: Kate Upton. Codes: MF, cons, oral, tit fuck, anal, rim, facial. Continue reading →

Everything you always wanted to know about sex (but were afraid to ask) Free Shit Thumbs #

I get a thrill out of this idea, too. If I could find a way to have this happen while my wife and I were having sex, I would. But she would never go for it as a

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817. Woman’s Story: I Miss His Nine Inches (4/1/10) It was our third date. We had been having phone sex but hadn’t had sex in person yet. Then he told me he was 9

Dirty Sex Stoires 90

My new anthology is almost ready! But in the meantime, you can get this super dirty story about the secret sex society known as the Order of Dionysus.

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